Monday, May 17, 2010

Most High: Nine Dime the Album

Maaaaaaaaaan...What can I say? About 3 months ago I spoke with Carolina Torch (the General) on my way home from the radio station. He said, "B, what single on the new album do you think we should pick?" I responded, let me listen and I will call you right back." When I called Carolina Torch back I couldnt really pick one song that stood out to me because there were so many good tracks that I had heard and Torch just chuckled and said, "I told you."

With that being said, since I moved back to the Port City, Most High has always been mentioned when you talk about Port City independent artists. With the loss of their member Ronsin, it seemed as if it made thier rhymes stronger and more insightful. The distinct rattle toned voice of Nutty, the cool and collected female counter part Chetta Netta and the General Carolina Torch who is looked at as a mentor for some indie artists in the Port they form the group Most High and new album the Nine Dime.

This album is definitely a classic. As they take you into their world on the eastside of the Port City and show you what they have gone through as well as what to expect from being a straight up individual. The Keep Haten track and the Dats that Bullshhhhh record opens up the door for their Eastside extended family and could totally be a single for the group.

I know I'm not supposed to say but my favorites are I'm a SHine, Things Done Changed and of course the Stand Up featuring C-Murder recording which they dedicate to Kwame Teague for the on going trial of an alleged murder that was put on Kwame based off of finding a mixtape with his fingerprints on it. Most High uses the Nine Dime album to show the groups dynamics and how deep and varied all of the members are...Click the link below to get the album...EEEEEEEEEEEAST SIIIIIDE!!!!



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