Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Calico Beatz

Jamaal "Calico" Webb has been producing and arranging music since the early age of 12. He acquired a love for rapping however the art of producing became his stronghold. Having a passion for music, Calico was led to join his middle school band, where he became exceptional in playing instruments such as the drums, piano, and saxophone.

After gaining experience in producing original work, Calico experimented with various computer software programs that could arrange and blend music. His profound creativity, combined with his musical background and the use of random sampling helped him incorporate a unique style with his tracks.

Calico is a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. Prior to graduation, Calico met his partner/manager, Johnny Bibb of Jus J Management, while producing beats for various local artists. With the assistance of Johnny Bib, and lots of commitment, Calico now teamed with Platinum Boy/Bad Boy Hitmen producer, Amadeus. He is now on the way to becoming a renowned name in the music industry. “Aaaooowww” See what Calico is up to @ www.platinumboymusic.com and also follow him on twitter www.twitter.com/calicobeatz.


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