Thursday, September 5, 2013


I have been on this lady for some time now...I have requested....and requested...and requested an interview and she finally said yes. We often talk over the phone about her ventures as a model, but she is also a DJ...yes a Bigg B worlders...I introduce you to DJ Deltonia!

You are not new to the model long have been modeling and what was your motivation to jump into the industry?

 I have been modeling for a little over 12 yrs, I love being in front of the camera..Its like second nature to me.

I have to ask you...where are you from? and where you reppin now?  because you do have some ties to my hometown of Wilmington, NC...

I actually am from Wilmington, I was born @ New Hanover County Hospital, I live in both Chartlotte, NC and Atlanta.

Curves are the in do you keep your body in tact?  gym, yoga, running, bowling, etc??

I stay away from fried foods and sweets. I love to go on long walks.
I know modeling is your  thing but DJing is your is it in the DJ world?

I love it!  I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. Music has always been one of my passions and I love to see people having a good time.

How is it being a DJ and a model...sometimes those worlds collide...have you ever had someone not take you serious as a DJ because you are a model as well or vice versa?

I use to have a problem when I first started out because there aren't that many female djs ..luckily I  have  gained the respect of my peers by working with other great djs like DJ Shakim, Supreme,
and Chill Will.

is Deltonia single???

I dont have a ring on it...

What does Deltonia look for in a boo?


I love a main in a suit, with ambition and with great conversation

 Where can we see more of Deltonia??

I love what I do..Look forward to hearing me on the radio in various markets as well as traveling the globe rockin parties.  You can google Deltonia Cannon or go to my website  twitter: @djdeltoniacannon


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