Thursday, May 17, 2012

Core Model HiDef

     I have the pleasure of being around some of the hottest models in the country…sorry…the WORLD! So keep checking the blog to see my Core DJ Model fam featured on the site. I met this model in of the most down to earth women you could meet...and a sense of humor too. Her country grammar and realness makes her stand out amongst models and not to mention that smile…but I was able to catch her during her busy schedule...check my home girl Hi-Def….

First off let everyone know where you are from……so shout them out!

S/O to all my family & friends in Austin,Texas where i was born & raised and rep to the fullest. Special S/O to the Core Dj's in Austin (DJ Southpaw, DJ Tex, DJ Hella Yella, and DJ Grip) I am the only Core Model in Austin,Tx =)

You also are a radio host...tell us about that and do you have a lot of scheduling conflicts with that?
Yes, I live in Austin but Co-Host Spate Radio which is actually located in New York. We have alot of supporters and we deal with and interview Celebs promoting their music, business, etc. We only air on Wednesdays so there are never really conflicts cause no matter where I am I can call in and do the show.

The modeling industry are now categorizing “us” into “Urban Modeling” What do you think they mean by that? Do you think it’s a fuller figured woman thing?
I think the reasons for placing us in that category is because of our CURVES.. all models with extra boobs & booty automatically are placed in that category. Sometimes it does get frustrating because even with curves I feel I am totally capable of doing what the thin body build models are doing.

There seems to be some new fascination with voluptuous you see that often when people are looking for models for videos, shoots, and hosting?
OMG....YES!!!! Honestly, when I started out modeling I was doing fashion shows and promo work but as I graduated from High School my body began to change and most people started hiring me for my body. And yes..videos & hosting want the models that make the guys mouth drop open lol. Its not a total bad thing but when a model wants to do more fashion, promo etc when you bring a resume loaded with nothing but videos etc its hard to get selected for anything other than videos.

We so often see the lighter skinned women in the model it seems photograpers are looking for the chocolate women such as your self...Do you see that?
=) yes and I love it. The worst line I heard in the past was "Your pretty for a dark skinned girl" like I would get upset that they really thought that was a compliment because to me it was not. There are many beautiful dark skinned females and its time we are all recognized for our beauty as im loving this new found love for us Beautiful Chocolate Sistas of all shades of Chocolate.
They say sex sells all the time…but if you had to take the point of selling it away…How would you get your idea of sexy across?

I pride myself on the way I have branded myself without really having to expose my body to make things happen for me. I feel that if you know how to work the camera and carry yourself fully dressed or half naked your sexy and lately ive noticed some men love my pics fully dressed over the swim suit type or lingerie. And I like that.

To you what is a sexy man?
A sexy man.......its not just based on his looks. To me sexy in a man is brought out by his confidence (not cocky) just sure of himself. Also a man that thinks of doing just the little simple things for me. Im not all about flashy or being with a guy with alot of money. Sexy is he how likes to cuddle. Not ashame to bring his girl around the fellas sometimes & include her in some things not everything because space is very very important but, a little goes a long way ;) That is a sexy man to me. And I never mentioned his looks because not always is a sexy man determined by his looks. A good man is a Good man(PERIOD)

What are three things that get your attention?

Im guessing you mean in a man....His confidence to look me in my eyes. How he dresses. And his smile. Are the first things I notice but, once I get to know him if he is arrogant, rude, too thuggish, jobless, no goals and disrespectful none of that matters.

Being a model and having a relationship sometimes doesn’t mix…have you ever had that happen?

Yes, the main reason I am SINGLE right now. There are a few people that seem to balance it and can have a great relationship and career in modeling. Its funny I meet a guy and he says "I think its great that your a model, I will support you in your career" then a few weeks later i hear "Why you have to go out of town", "Who is that guy in the pic with you", "Why do you have to wear this and that" soooooo to avoid all the BS i remain single and have been for the past 4 years now.

OK….this is my own personal question...I’ve seen you in person…I know you have problems sometimes finding the right pair of jeans that fit…or am I wrong...LOL???
LMAO.........yes i have a hard time finding jeans to fit me most of the time. I wear a size 9 but due to my booty I have to buy size 11/12 and have the waist taken in because my waist is small. And you know you wrong for this question B lol

How can we see more of Hi-DEF? Give us the websites and all!
You can go to my official website and look around and on my contact page you will find all my social media links. Click the links and go straight to my sites. Follow me and I will follow back. Thanks in advance for your support.


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