Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Terisha "Tee Tee" Batson..Innovator!

In Wilmington, NC…aka the Port City you run up on some beautiful women..but the women who intrigue me the most are the “around the way” girls that are the home girl from across the street but have model tendencies…I talked about my neighbor, but this one woman is a football player…yes, I said football player…mother, hair stylist, and fashionista in her on right! Ladies and Gentlemen…Terisha “Tee-Tee” Batson!

So Tee- Tee...let everyone know where you from:

Well Brandon Port City born and raised!!!! I have been lots of places but there’s no place like home!!

Now…how did you get into this Female Flag Football League?

Hey boo I created the league! Lol j/k. I and 2 of my best friends were at a Wilmington Tigers game in 09 and we were feeling the game and started joking around about what silly nicknames we would have if we played football. So a few days went by and we were trying to figure a good fund raiser for our group Almost Famous which helps parents to keep their kids in school and occupied. Then, bingo how about a flag football game and there we would ask for donations towards Almost Famous, after the fund raiser I got so many calls from women around town that wanted to play football. Now we are 3 years in and it gets better day by day! Shot out to PC Triple FL!!

I know it sounds crazy, but how did folks look at the pretty girls all playing on one team…did you set that up? Lol

Honestly our team was picked from a basket!! Lol I had nothing to do with it!

Being an innovator is some time followed by haters and jealousy...how do you deal with that?
B I don’t deal with it. I am a people’s person with a short tolerance and I just don’t have time for it, I just smile.

A lot of pretty women are not models…I’ve always asked you this…are you going to jump into that more seriously now?

I ask myself everyday “Tee is that really what you want to do”, and it’s always the same answer: nope just stay behind the curtain. make-up and hair! I just love the camera and i find it the most fun when I’m in-front of it, but when offers come my way I take them without hesitation. But who knows what the future holds for me.

What do you think of the model industry now for “urban” models? Should we use that title?

WOW is what I think. I think a lot of them are doing it bigger than ever, from Lisa Ray doing her thing back in the day, to Buffy tha Body and Keyshia Dior representing now. I mean with the urban community being their panel of judges these women have had doors open for them in an awesome way. They have Best seller books, lipstick lines, hosting parties, acting and so on. As far as the title “urban model” the name will never go anywhere and I like it.

When you are going into a photo-shoot what gets you motivated to put on for the camera?

Lol believe it or not, you know how Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce I have Lady Pink, when the lights are in my face and the camera is on, so is Lady Pink. She gets Tee-Tee motivated!!

Being attractive gives you some extra attention…the readers probably want to know do you already get attention from a boo...or you keeping it single nowadays?

Well readers I’m taken, I have 2 kids and I have been with their father for 14 years…..yes I said it 14 years, that’s my best friend!

What do you think is a misconception of models in the industry?

A lot of people think that they are all anorexic or dumb and even on drugs! It’s funny to me, these “misconceptions”.

If you could tell young girls about modeling what would you say? (

Modeling is everything you make of it. There isn’t a certain way you have to do the job just be yourself!

Ok..enough of the formalities…let everyone know what you are working on and how we can contact you...I know you have your own blog and some other things in the works…

Okay world my blog is a fashion blog about Wilmington its www.ladypinklipstick.wordpress.com also the football league is looking for more teams so you want to join hit me up at terishabatson@yahoo.com. I will also be modeling in the upcoming hair show this summer July 17th downtown Wilmington!! I’m also still doing a lot of my freelance work make-up, hair, and poetry. Call me wonder woman lol!!! Mwah!


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