Sunday, October 31, 2010


I was really thinking about doing a serious interview with some serious models and the first person I wanted to feature on my blog is my Core Family member who really goes in on the modeling tip…MISS NIAGRA FALLZ

First of all definitely let everyone know where you from and who ya reppin:
I'm the Bricks, NEWARK NJ BABY!!!!!!

How did you get into modeling industry?
I got into the industry back in 2004 just attending NY parties, dancing around as if I was a video Vixen.

Everybody has there definition of modeling…what is your definition of modeling?
My definition is being versatile not just showing ass but your face and your beauty. I do editorial, glamour high fashion. "Think outside the Box"

What are some misconceptions of models?
That all models are "Ass" models...I think every model should expand and do different things and not just Ass shots. #imjustsaying.

A lot of women think that models are exploited…do you feel that way?
Hmmmm Not all But some.... Its how you carry yourself. And how you take on a gig.

I know that you have been in several publications but what is your most memorable spread that made you say wow…folks are checking for me?
Of course the Straight Stuntin Mag...shout out to DJ KaySlay. My first spread was hot but my second spread people would say "Got Damn" Niagra your really on your grind.

Some people would consider your look very exotic…how do you describe your style?
I say exotic as well... unique,edgy and will take risk on any hairstyle.
I'm just that fly...Thank You Allah for my beautiful Appearance.

What is the next move on the chessboard for MISS NIAGRA FALLZ?
Hmmm...I have a model group called Pink Jerzie Roze' that consist of 7 models. I'm working on more content for my website. I'm sending out more photos to magazines and for videos.

Radio interviews
Fashion shows
I stay working!!!!!

Any advice for women in the industry or just starting out?
If your not certain about a gig ask questions. If you need to have someone @ a shoot "Bring them"!!!I say keep your head up, eyes open, ears open and be Alert!!!!

How can we see more of MISS NIAGRA FALLZ??

Shout out to my Core DJ fam
Pink Jerzie Roze' fam
Dj KaySlay


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