Sunday, October 4, 2009

Droppin Bombs! Deezil Bombs!

"In Creekwood we eat good and we aint driving Fleetwoods" -Deezil Bomb

Kaaaaaa Booom!! He enters the club…asks when is he next up and then proceeds when it's his turn to rock the mic. The audience at first gasps in awe at this 6'4" giant that has the word play of your favorite Charles Dickens poem, but then later resolves to the abundant head nodding to the giant's performance…Deezil Bomb.

"I really didn't take rapping seriously until I was incarcerated," said a confident Deezil Bomb. While interviewing Deezil he began to talk about some of his struggle and the things he went through as an inner-city youth in the Port City. "I try to talk about my struggle in the streets and let dudes know that what's going on in the Port City streets is no difference from anywhwere in the country…it's full-fledged in the Port," chuckled Deezil Bomb.

Once again, as I continue to interview local/regional artists, they seem to say the same thing as far as "The Carolinas" having their on unique sound. It places a lot of weight on hip hop artists especially in North Carolina to dig out their own niche. "I want to be known for establishing a Port City/North Carolina sound. I'm a Carolina rapper who wants a Carolina producer to touch a sound that hasn't been heard yet…something that defines us," said the 6' 4" MC.

Deezil comes from a neighborhood in which almost every housing project has been shipped to due to closing or renovations of other area housing projects. Most of the city's crime reports come from his neighborhood. He continues to press on and never forgets his hood and how rap gets the blame for some of the happenings in his hood and across America. "The media puts too much blame on rappers…they just go too far with it. I talk about negative things so that young dudes can learn from what I did. Yeah I did some bad stuff, but I also had to sit down for seven years...put the blame on the right folk, not hip hop.

As we enter the season on censorship, it sometimes become hard to promote an artist that may talk about his hardships and Deezil has no problem with promotion. "Rap is very visual. People won't buy your cd until they see you and your performance. I want people to hear and see a Port City scene when they think of Deezil Bomb…I'm separating myself from the majority by coming from a place that nobody has a made a major move in the music industry." Deezil reiterates his chance to mimic the large labels marketing schemes using street teams, posters, and videos to get his music heard.

His promotions have even landed him with a track with Hell Rell from Dipset-Diplomat Records (home of Camron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana). "I holla'd at M& M promotions and asked about any artist that would do a track and they linked me up with Hell Rell and so we came up with "On the Corner Grindin", said Deezil. I heard the track for the first time and it's super crazy…fo show! That track and other bangers are on his new mixtape (which is out now) "Bomb 1st" and you can pick it up at Dr. Stylez Clothing, All About Music, 2 Fifth Clothing, Nino's fashion, Hi Lo (out east) and K&Ds…the Bomb is grindin. Real Talk!


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