Monday, September 28, 2009


“Hop out chain swangin I can hypnotize the world…betta watch ya dame I can hypnotize ya girl…Shorty bad look like Whittley long hair lil curls, got Dwayne shades on…car from a Different World…” Quote-“Money Walk”....

“Did you hear that son?” You gotta rewind that…old boy is really killin it!” Those are the responses that you usually get especially the rewind part when listening to young Mario Watson better known in the Port City as Quote. In just a small amount of time…three years to be exact, Quote has gone from being a part of a talented teenage group YBG (Young But Grindin) to the head of his own entertainment company called A.T.M. (Addicted To Money) and being nominated for the North Carolina Underground Music Awards New Artist of the Year. “Mr. Rewind” has become a household name in the Port City hip hop scene.

“I always had an interest in music…I used to bang on tables and pots in my grandmother’s backyard,” said a laughing Quote. Quote grew up in the “B.O.”, the Bottom Community on the south side of Wilmington. Quote’s love for music makes him a candidate for making good music. He knows what to listen for and that skill combined with his distinctive baritone voice makes him not just an up and coming rapper but a musician. “My motivation for making music is hearing “whack” music…(chuckles)…plus my friends, family and my crew A.T.M. “

I met Quote three years ago as he was one of the front men for YBG. His creative lingo has people in Wilmington using the same jargon he does in his songs. For example, he had a song called “So Brittany (Spears)” which meant “so crazy,” and his all time favorite saying fersure…”for sure.” On a daily basis I hear youngsters using just those two trendsetting words in everyday conversation.

Besides pursuing his dream, Quote gives back while on the road to stardom. His crew A.T.M. have thrown the A.T.M. Scholarship Basketball Tournament. This is not typical of an artist just starting…they usually make it big then give back, but Quote finds it important to give back all the time. “People have to see us grinding and that we care about where we come from,” said a serious Quote. Quote also added, “The hardest thing is getting your music heard beyond Wilmington, which takes a lot of road work and connecting with people in and across the state.”

Quote’s hard work and confident team makes him a “beast in the streets.” You can hear Quote’s music on, , and his new in the works for his own channel for independent artists. People ask me all the time who is the next artist that will probably make it out the port…I say Quote…real talk…you can quote me on that!


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